Die Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Bildungsforschung (SGBF)

Prof. Dr. Mario Castoldi

Mario Castoldi - Evaluating competencies: a multifocal approach

Is it possible to assess the development of a competence, and if so, how? This is one key question of this presentation, in which I will first and foremost elaborate on the various aspects of competencies and their assessability. The model of mathematical literacy of the PISA project is taken as a reference point in order to explore the components of a competence. From an evaluative perspective these aspects can be summarized by the metaphor of the iceberg. Evaluating competence using an iceberg metaphor necessarily requires a multifocal perspective. Thus, our hypothetical object can be observed from a plurality of viewpoints. More specifically, I will provide examples and insights about students’ selfevaluation, teachers’ observations and assessments, and about the empirical analysis of students’ performance. An interpretive synthesis will imply that multiple evidence is summarized into an evaluation sheet, which includes a set of progressive competence profiles that are useful for formulating judgments.
Without doubt, such an evaluation approach calls into question various and complex issues about how school
evaluation is understood and managed in the school context.